PGM Advanced Professional Experience 3

HCS 4501.03 - PGM Advanced Professional Experience 3


HCS 2250: Introduction to PGM, HCS 4501.02, and only students in good standing in the OSU Professional Golf Management program will be eligible to enroll (see OSU PGM student handbook).

Concurrent Classes

  • HCS 4191.02
  • FAES 3191

Course Organization

Students must register for HCS 4501.03 during the semester when they will be taking HCS 4191.02 for the third time. Upon completion of this experience, students must submit their completed Advanced Professional Experience activities.

Course Description

HCS 4501.03 will enhance professional development for students intending a career within the golf industry. While on this experience, students will complete specified Advanced Professional Experience activities. Students will learn about career opportunities and better understand the types of tasks/challenges associated with a career in professional golf management.

All students will be required to complete Advanced Professional Experience activities comparable to the PGA PGM 2.0 Level 2 materials. The activities will include the topics of Merchandising and Inventory Management (20 hrs.), Turfgrass Management (16 hrs.), and Intermediate Teaching and Golf Club Alteration (12 hrs.). The recommended course work to complete these activities will take the student a total of 48 hours. These activities will be in addition to and while they are completing the requirements of HCS 4191.02.

Instructor: Tim Kerr, PGM Inernship Coordinator
Office: Howlett Hall 248C 
Phone: (614) 292-1317