HCS 4191.02 PGM Internship Experience

HCS 4191.02 - PGM Internship Experience

Course Description

Real world job experience at golf courses, clubs, or resorts. Students are mentored by the on-site PGA professional and must complete specified written Work Experience Activities. Must be enrolled while on internship.

Prereq: 2250 (250), and enrollment in Pre-Professional or Professional Golf Management majors. Repeatable to a maximum of 5 completions.

Description and Course Objectives

  1. HCS 4191.02 is intended to give PGM students real world job experience at golf courses, clubs, resorts, or other venues where golf professionals are employed. While on internship, students will be mentored by the on-site professional and complete specified Work Experience Activities. Students will learn about career opportunities and better understand the types of tasks/challenges associated with a career in professional golf management.
  2. The successful student will 1) gain practical knowledge of the golf industry and business through interaction with successful professionals; 2) complete specified Work Experience Activities appropriate to their rank in the OSU PGM program.
  3. The expected learning outcomes of a successful student in HCS 4191.02 will be the understanding of evaluating/disseminating information, communicating at a professional level, golf business operations, life-long learning, and respect for diversity and social responsibility.

Course Organization

Students must register for HCS 4191.02 during the semester when they will be on internship. Internship employment must be full time (minimum of 35 hours per week for at least 15 consecutive weeks). Upon completion of each internship experience, students must meet with the PGM Internship Coordinator to review their internship duties and submit their completed Work Experience Activities.

Work Experience Activities

All students will be required to complete various Work Experience Activities from all three levels of the PGA of America’s PGM checkpoints while on internship.