PGM Internship Experience

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PGM Internship Experience 

The Professional Golf Management Internship is designed to give you a real world experience as well as meet PGA requirements as you complete your degree at Ohio State. All students majoring in Professional Golf Management (PGM), in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science (HCS), are required to complete five (5) internships prior to graduation. Students receive a total of ten (10) academic credit hours for these work experiences, two (2) per internship. Students must be enrolled as Ohio State University students while interning and pay university fees.

The student, the employer, and the PGM Internship Coordinator sign a "Statement of Understanding" form prior to the commencement of employment. This is an agreement which outlines the job responsibilities of the intern, the rate of pay, the start and stop dates for employment, etc. This agreement promotes a mutual understanding between the department, the student, and employer regarding the educational objectives of an internship. The OSU PGM program considers an internship to be more than a seasonal job. The intern should have a variety of job experiences, a mentoring, nurturing relationship with management, and the best possible experience to help in his/her preparation for full-time employment in the golf industry.

Students and employers are asked to complete two (2) observation forms during the term of employment. These forms help the PGM staff monitor the student's progress while away from campus. Every effort is made to visit each Ohio intern during his/her internship. Upon completion of their internship, each student will conduct a post-internship interview with the Internship Coordinator

The internships are divided between the official internship course: HCS 4191.02 and Advanced Professional Experience courses, HCS 4501.01, 4501.02, 4501.03, 4501.04, and 4501.05.

HCS 4191.02 PGM Internship Experience is your official internship course. It is intended to give PGM students real world job experience at golf courses, clubs, resorts, or other venues where golf professionals are employed. While on their internship, students will be mentored by the on-site professional and complete specified Work Experience Activities. Students will learn about career opportunities and better understand the types of tasks/challenges associated with a career in professional golf management.

The HCS 4501 series ensures that students follow the PGA guidelines required for the PGM internship. There are three (3) levels to complete.

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Tim Kerr, PGA
Internship Coordinator
Howlett Hall 248C
Telephone: (614) 292-1317

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