Professional Golf Management Requirements

The PGM program at The Ohio State University has two requirements for admission. The first is general admission to the University and the second is proof of an 18-hole golf handicap of 10 or better. This second requirement provides evidence that PGM students have the potential to pass the PGA of America's™ Playing Ability Test (PAT). All students admitted to the PGM major program must have the ability and inclination to pass the PAT.

The OSU PGM program will accept transfer students. Students doing so must complete all major curriculum requirements in the same sequence and time frame as students enrolling as first-year PGM students. This is done so students will matriculate through the program as a cohort group and so students can complete work experience and internship requirements according to a schedule which provides the greatest opportunity for successful completion of the program.

International students are eligible to enroll in the OSU PGM program, if they meet all admission requirements. International students must complete all aspects of the PGM program including the minimum 16 months of internship. It is important that the proper work visa is in place to allow for this employment in the United States. Upon completion of all degree requirements, international students will receive at Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Professional Golf Management.

All PGM applicants must show proof of an 18-hole golf handicap of 10 or better. Proof of this handicap may be established by any one of the following:
  • Confirmation of playing ability form signed by a high school golf coach
  • Confirmation of playing ability form signed by a PGA of America member
  • Current United States Golf Association Handicap card

Confirmation of Playing Ability Form